Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Olympic Fever...


   Please accept my sincere apology for neglecting my blog. I am currently on an Olympic hiatus. Since the opening ceremonies, our television has been tuned into CBC coverage.  We are all glued to what ever is on, when ever it is on, no matter the sport!

    I truly enjoy watching the Canadian coverage.  Perhaps I am biased because I am a Canadian, but I think that CBC does such a wonderful job covering not just the sporting events, but all aspects of the Olympic games. Segments such as The Olympians, My Team, My Town and My Russia are so interesting and informative.  My favourites however are the Science Says segments and the tear inducing Raising an Olympian. I just love the behind the scenes stories! 

     Even our commercials are great! As I type, an Oreo commercial is on.  Canada is so patriotic we even have cookies and Ritz crackers with the maple leaf on them!  Above you will see how we brought the Olympic spirit into our bakery.  You have to love how these games bring us all together.  Whether it's cheering for your country, watching your favourite winter sport, or just using the games as an excuse to sit and put your feet up with your family, enjoy it. Something that only comes along once every four years deserves to be savoured and enjoyed.



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