Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pulling A Rabbit Out Of My Hat...

  This past Sunday, I had to perform a magic trick.  After what was a hectic and unusually busy week, I was looking forward to making a delicious, homemade Sunday dinner that would make my family actually want to sit down at the table. As supper time approached, however, I realized that I was on the line for a cake donation for a fundraising auction the following day at my boys' school.  To make a long story short, dreams of a Walton style family dinner went out the window and I began making a cake instead of a main course.
    I will admit that I often feel guilty about the amount of time I waste on Pinterest.  On Sunday though, all of that time wasting paid off!  I just so happened to have pinned this creation and knew it would save the day. If you, like me, lack cake decorating skills, this is the cake for you! Cake decorating has never been my strong suit. Sure I can frost a cupcake, but cakes require more precision and talent.  Not this cake though.  This one creatively covers up any decorating flaws perfectly. It requires very little expertise and turns out impressively. In a little more than the time it takes to bake and cool a cake, you too can create this beauty. Honest. Give it a try and see for yourself!
PS- This one brought in a bid of $80.00 at the cake auction! I'd say that's not bad for a last minute effort.  (Boys, you owe me one!)

You will need:

~A two-layer 9-inch cake, frosted
  • If you are using a box of cake mix simply follow the directions on the box for a two layer cake (you may need to use two boxes depending on the type of mix you choose)
  •  Be sure to level cakes so the tops are no longer domed and let them cool completely before frosting
  • You may frost your cake with any frosting of your choice. Check out some of my recipes, come up with your own, or simply purchase some to make this cake come together even more easily! I recommend using chocolate frosting as it will be less noticeable in the gaps between the Kit Kats. (this I learned by using white frosting!)
~ 10 Hershey Kit Kat Bars, the 4 stick bars (you may need more or less depending on the size of your cake.)
~ 3 regular sized boxes of Smarties, or any small candy of your choice (I've also seen it done with Strawberries and M&Ms)
~ Ribbon ( I used school colours. Choose any colour you like!)


  1. Place your frosted cake on the platter, tray or plate you'd like to serve it from.
  2. Immediately after you finish frosting your cake, begin to stick the Kit Kat bars around the cake.  I did mine by breaking the bars into twos. You may also choose to alternate, as I did, between milk chocolate and white chocolate bars.  *Tip: put them in the fridge first so they don't melt while you are handling them.
  3.  Pour the Smarties evenly on top of the cake.
  4. Finish your cake off by wrapping a decorative ribbon around the Kit Kat Bars to secure them in place.



  1. 45-50 Kit Kat BARS!?!?!?!? Do you mean individual bars? So 10 bars of the 4 pieces of Kit Kat?? I should count the picture I guess.. LOL

  2. Ohhhh ok! I see you used approx. 40 sticks of Kit Kat so about 10 store bought bars. Gotcha!

  3. Yes misszak, you've got it right! I've updated my post so hopefully it's more clear now. =)

  4. That is soooo cute!! Looks delicious, too! :)


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