Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Finding My Direction...


  A good friend of mine recently sent me a sincere and uplifting email. She wrote to tell me that as she was performing the mundane task of grocery shopping, she was thinking about me. About how much she admired me.

 "ME? "I thought? How can that be?

  She is an accomplished mom of two energetic and talented young boys. She has the kindest heart and an energetic love of life. Surely she can't be serious.

  As I read on, I realized that often times we just go through our daily routines barely pausing long enough to even take a deep breath. Every once in a while though, someone manages to give us reason to stop and take that breath.

This is what she wrote;

"As I was doing my groceries this morning I was thinking of you and how much I admire you! Many people wish to follow their dreams, and you were living one of yours, then poof it was yanked away! You found your strength amidst many personal and family issues and in your quiet way you rewrote your life! You are truly an inspiration and the fact that you are being followed and read by a fellow author I think really captures this moment for you. I am grateful to have such a person as yourself in my life and to be able to call her a friend. Have fun celebrating your moments!"

   Not only did this email make me pause, it made me smile.  Indeed I am re-writing my life. One word at a time.  It's been a long journey, but I am re-gaining my balance and finding my direction.  With the help of truly wonderful, caring friends and family I am forging a new path.  I thank my friend for making me remember that I truly have many moments to celebrate.

    Ironically, we just celebrated my daughter's twelfth birthday with a One Direction themed party. I had such fun helping to create her fabulous cake, decorate the house and welcome her giddy girlfriends.  Moments such as these are special, and if we pause to take the time to notice them, we will realize that they are many.  Where we are going may not always be clear, but unlike the name of the boy band, in life there is more than just one direction.

Thanks to Sweet Revenge Bake Shop for helping me create this spectacular cake!

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