Thursday, January 9, 2014

Reflection and Resolve

     As the New Year is upon us, I can't help but become reflective. When I first sat down to write this, my intention was to give a half hearted post giving everyone my best wishes for a wonderful year ahead. A funny thing happened though, as I put the proverbial pen to paper; I started writing again... and it felt great! 

     I'm the first to admit that I haven't found the time to devote to my blog as of late. While I love to write, I often feel that I don’t have anything worthy to write about. Stephen King wrote that a writer's job isn't to find ideas, but to recognize them when they show up. I've come to realize that this is true in more ways than one.

   A new year offers up a fresh start full of possibilities. I'm not making resolutions this year, but I do intend to show more gratitude and focus more on being happy with what I have; become more mindful of things as they show up. After all, the joy is in the journey and my journey is leading me down a new path. I need to take some time each day to focus on what I have and realize that while every day may not be good, there is something good to be found in every day.

     After spending a few years trying to regain my balance I can now honestly say that I believe I have found my footing again. For that, I am truly grateful. As I think back on what these past twelve months have offered me, all I can say is that I am truly blessed.  Allison Winn Scotch said it best;
"There is the before. And then there is the after. Happiness is what you choose, what you follow, not what follows you. These are the things I have seen, these are the things I now know, these are the things I will carry with me as I go."
       Cheers to a great year everyone... and stay tuned for a year full of recipes and musings. I hope to encourage some of you to try my recipes, find inspiration in my musings and if nothing else, bring a smile you your day. 

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